Open Thread

We asked, you shared. Here are 12 great comments that stayed with writers long after their stories were published.

Photo by Giulia May on Unsplash

In our most recent open thread, we asked “What’s the best comment you’ve ever received on a story?” We got some fantastic responses back from writers — comments that ran the gamut from funny to motivating to poignant. There was even one about a story inspiring a tattoo.

Here are…

Hub Talk

Photo by Nick Fewings on Unsplash

If you think about it, writing is sort of strange. It’s mostly done alone and yet the goal, for many of us, is connection. It’s that connection, the sense that something that came from somewhere inside us mapped to something inside someone else, that keeps us going. And makes all those writes and rewrites and can’t-writes just a bit more worth it.

We’d love to know what story comment or response touched you. What note has stayed with you? Made you want to keep going? Made you laugh or helped forge a new connection?

Share your favorite response here in the (you guessed it) responses.

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